Thursday, March 3, 2011

genres and movies

Hey lovlies!
Tonight my close friend Taylor and I were talking about books tonight. I'm planning on making her read Matched this summer, I enjoyed it, more so because I thought that the author did an amazing job then the book, but that is because I'm not really for distopia books. However from a writing point the author did an amazing job. I was telling taylor that I learned that the author of Matched, Ally Condie, has the same agent as Stephenie Meyer. I am not one to bash authors so please do not take what I'm writing about to be harsh. Her and I were talking about how we are hoping the world doesn't hope from one obbession to another, vampires to distopian books.

She had mentioned that they are making Hunger Games into a movie as well. I had heard that Vampire Academy into on as well so I guess it truly will be a battle of genres. It's jsut sad that people find these nitches and just find books that fit that model to keep the public happy, why can't we just explore everything. I made a joke to my friends once i guess a year or two ago that if I wanted my writing to pick up pace, I had to publish a vampire book. I talk to all these aspiring and independent authors on Goodreads and it is sad that there are so many people who write and have these tales, but are not getting noticed because their book is not the latest obbession. Don't get me wrong some of the authors that are getting the buzz defiently deserve it!! They should be singing from the mountain tops with excitement!! I know I would be!

However, you know the rumors that girls are asking their boyfriends why can't they be like edward cullen, I kid you not when I worked at a the Rec. Center at Montclair I had a guy tell me his girlfriend got up caught with the obbession and and literally told him he needed to be like a fictional character. I do not blame Stephenie Meyer at all, or hold her accountable for that. I'm not an edward fan, and please don't ask "does that mean you are on team jacob?" it does not, I prefer rougher men, currently Ren from Nightshade is catching my eye. Yes as a single female I do read books and swoon at fictional males, how could I not with some of these guys written?! However when you break up with a person whom you've been dating for awhile because he is not like a fictional character, I'd go see someone.

I'm sensing a turn from vampires to distopia books/movies. Don't get me wrong when a book turned into a movie done RIGHT is awsome. I made a joke that could help End of the Line and if I time it right help sweep up Project US (if my publishers like it). Part of me was like ahhh yay people reading my stuff!! Then a part of me is like oh god, picking up in a public freenzie...I'll let the two little mini me's in my head battle that out if it actually happens...

To be a successful author does one have to write what society is creating? Or do authors write what they please and just pray that someone will read their work?

Sorry for those who listened to my babble. I just needed to get that out of my head. Please do not think less of me for that rant if it made any sense at all.


  1. Hey Ottilie,
    Thanks for stopping by our blog/twitter :)
    Love your blog, looks great. :) I just noticed your an author too, and i'd love to read your book so hoping, we will be able to get it in the UK (Providing a bit difficult at the moment) lol
    Donna & Jess :)

  2. You are more then welcome!! Thank you so much I love your blog also!! You are an author too? What genre? I don't know how the sales are over the big blue, I know my first is on amazon, bn, borders sites, and e-readers. My second book isn't out till April 1st I'm excited. Good luck to you and glad to find you on twitter too!!

  3. What sort of stuff in that genre is hot right now anyway? It's hard to keep up. I tried reading the first book of the Vampire Academy stuff, but it was so painful. I mean, the story was good and I was interested, but couldn't get past the writing.

    yeah.... I don't want either an Edward or a Jacob! I enjoyed the books but the first time I read them I thought we'd stepped back a couple centuries.

  4. I feel like there is vampires, with distopian books gaining up on vampires, with a taste of angels/angle like creatures seem to be the most popluar. on i keep seeing all these books with these like themes in them popping up. i'm so picky with vampire books now, i enjoyed twilight when it very first came out in books and read the books but i didn't care as it kept coming out, then when people because obessed i couldn't handle it. what's wrong with vampire academy's writing i haven't read it yet

  5. Oh, wait, no it's another series I'm thinking of. I don't know what the name of the series is though. (Looked it up, it's the House of Night series). So I can't say on VA, but HoN ... it's just so clear that it's written by a teenager, even though it's supposedly a mom/daughter collaboration. Nope, unless the mom's writing is that crappy. It's just not good writing at all.

    I have City of Bones to read, which isn't vampires, it's magic focused. So it'll be interesting, I hope, when I do start it. I haven't read Hunger Games or any of that trilogy, but have heard good things.

    I need to read more. I go through periods where I'll devour books for a couple weeks, and then not touch anything besides work for months.

    I actually have Twilight-related fic I've written... which I could actually use as a starting point if I wanted to write a vamp story, which who knows? Maybe at some point. I really would like to get my book that I have started finished, but I lost half of it.

  6. Oh okay yeah I didn't read House of Night series. I do however have city of bones on my book self that I can't wait to read. I can't wait I heard it was really good, yeah tehre are a few books that are able to seep through the cracks. I am enjoying deadly little secret series now and a few others.

    I go through those cycles too, but I blame school because I can read more fun stuff when I'm out of school after a little breater time between to regain brain cells again.

    Aw good luck with the story!! I would have a heart attack if I lost half a story!!


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