Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family Ties in 2 days!!

Hey Everyone! So I'm doing a little better, and keeping busy. I'm currently suppose to be working on a 10-12 page paper, but I have been working on it all day and decided I wanted a break. Good news is Family Ties is on sale starting friday!! It really feels not that long ago that I sent in the query letter for it, now my baby is about to released! I really can not wait to hold the final product in my hands, it is a beyond a feeling of accomplishment, for me, it is like a dream. I really love doing this and i can wait to capture it again. It feels like my first book being published! For those who do not know, my parents got to see End of the Line before me because they opened my package. I was not happy poor Ryan when I was dating him got an ear full. I had them promise to at least let me be the one to open this. Also End of the Line is being edited by Sam who had done a review and offered to help when I told her I was going to make a second edition since I didn't care for Xlibris and so had canceled my services. Then the editor, Jenn who did Family Ties has volunteer her service since we've become friends from this. I can not be happier that they have offered to help me! I really appericate it and can not wait to get that all started! I am considering though adding a scene to make the wait worth it. I am hoping to go through it when I have more time (hopefully soon!) to go through and see where I can add it seen without it sounding force or not necessary. I'll keep everyone updated! :) ~Ottilie


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  2. Congrats and keep up the hard work!

    On a side note, you were selected to help launch a new blog award!

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  3. Thank you Rainy, I'm ubberly excited!! I still have not seen it yet, but I can't wait. Aw thank you I'll go check out the award thank you for thinking of me!!


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