Wednesday, March 23, 2011

End of the Line

Hey Everyone!
Despite the bad weather today I've gotten a few happy news today. Part of which is because I saw a test grade I wasn't sure how I did. BUT I digress! Since I have been starting to get Family Ties out there for people to know it was coming out April first, that her older sister needed a little love. The blog Welcome to my Life did a review on End of the Line!! Which she gave 5/5 stars! I could not believe it and I'm beyond words with excitment that she enjoyed this story so much!! I've been preparing myself for the bad reviews that might come because lets face it, with each book has it's good and it's bad reviews. So when I recieved this amazingly good review it brightens up even this cold and rainy day!

I know Aaron (the main male lead) is ansty for his own interview so I'll probably be doing that within the next couple of months. You see I canceled my services with Xlibirs so End of the Line will be out of print for a little bit. I am recieving help from a two volunteers to touch up on the grammar for a new and improved End of the Line! Sorry in advance for the inconvience, it is still available in e-reader format, though if you wait a little longer the grammar will be fixed and part of me wants to do something else to make this a little more special for the inconvience we'll see though!
PS the review again is Welcome to my Life you should check out her blog!!


  1. Ottilie - I've given you an award on my blog. And while I was trying to find your blog link among the blogs I follow, I was horrified to see it wasn't there! I wasn't following you?! Problem fixed, disaster averted, award given. Check it out:

  2. Hey, Ottilie! Thanks to Deborah, I have stumbled across your blog. Nice!... I very interested in the fact that as a colledge student you somehow found the time to write, query, and land a book deal. That truly amazing! I haven't looked over the sample you posted yet, but I plan on doing that ASAP. The cover is beautiful too.

    Anywho, if you get a spare moment, feel free to stop by my blog.

    Looking forward to chatting with you soon!


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